District 9


So I don’t quite get the hype.  I thought it was interesting, well done, the ending almost makes it worth it, but I still don’t think I would pay bucks to watch it in the theater unless the only other things playing were a Miley Cyrus movie and Blade XII: The beginning of the end and I really really needed to go watch a movie in the theater.

I tried watching this movie twice, the second time, when I actually sat through it was better, and I do admire the low-budget nature of the film.  The aliens were realistic and human-like in their actions, and the context of the story was also well thought out and interestingly depicted.  Also, the take on human rights, depicting aliens as sub-human and treating them as such in South Africa, a country know for their violent past in racial discrimination is a point not lost on me.  However, in the end, perhaps it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the shaky-camera, documentary-type of film, I wasn’t hugely taken in by the film.

Maybe it was a sleeper hit during the summer, but in my books, so-so….$5

If you heart District 9

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Trailer: District 9

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