I have to admit I’m amused by the new brand of the humor the most recent cast of SNL is cultivating. I can’t put my finger on it exactly – base, grotesque, strange, scatological, dark, ingenious. For now I’m going to go with ingenious. I think my vote for best sex scene of the year will have to go to MacGruber. If not the best, certainly the funniest. And by funny I mean ingenious.

One worry I had while watching the film – is Val Kilmer okay? Val, are you okay? Are you on antidepressants? Are you playing Marlon Brando or Orson Welles in a biopic soon? I’ll admit the extra pounds did make you appear more vile and diabolical in the kingpin sense. But I worry about your health. Val, are you reading? I worry about your health. Time to get back into volleyball shape.

MacGruber also reconfirmed that Kristin Wiig is one of the funniest ladies in the entire Universe. I thank my lucky stars people like her take the risks they take. Kristin, I know you could have sold insurance. I know you could have started your own smoothie franchise. And I would buy a smoothie from you too. But thank you for that enormous feather you have which tickles my funny bone. Thank you for tickling me until I am on the ground, gasping for breath, orange juice spurting from my nose, promising you anything to stop . . . but go on . . . $6


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