Shrek Forever After

O Shrek Forever After I had very low expectations for you indeed. I did not even see Shrek the Third. Was it good? I was growing tired of you. Your swollen, green faces. Your fetish for inter-species romance. Your asshole donkey that will not shut his mouth. Will not stop his asshole singing. Damn I hate that donkey.

But Shrek Forever After you surprised me! You attached a time limitation to your narrative. I love time limitations! How did you know? How elegant you are – taking place in the span of 24-hours. How wonderful your illustrations and montages that contextualize the narrative. You are no bore – you are ingenious! Shrek the Third is now a promising possibility.

And your franchise is over! I cannot say I am sad to see you go. But I’m glad you went out like this. I’m glad we did not part on sour terms . . . $7

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