Restless (중천)

I have to say, I love a good fantasy fu clip.  Even if the plot makes no sense, dialog is terrible, and characters are pretty unlikeable, there’s something about fantasy fu, maybe the magic, the suspension of disbelief, that inevitably draws me into it, unless the special effects are just completely terrible.  Restless, fortunately, had great special effects and the cinematography, art direction, costumes, were splendid, just an incredibly explosive visual orgasm.  It basically was your typical fantasy fu, with religious undertones of taoism and buddhism folded into the mix: light versus dark, good versus evil, rose petals versus….chains that shoot out of one’s back?  and of course one warrior to protect them all.

So, it’s totally predictable, don’t go if you’re looking to be moved, experience some sort of life-changing event, or see a good movie, but go if you want to see pretty colors and pretty people, and  cool special effects.  Also some pretty cool fight scenes… this made me remember how I wanted to be in a kung-fu fantasy flick, and that dream has still not yet died….though I figure learning some martial arts might be handy.

Kim Tae Hee plays the same type of role I have seen her in other movies and she does a passable job here as the heavenly being.

That said, she looks very pretty in each scene.  In fact, she looks a bit too young, since her husband looks close to 40.  Hard to believe she’s actually 30 in real life since most of the movie she, looks 12.  In conclusion, it’s a movie worth passing the time if you’re bored on a Sunday afternoon and have nothing else to watch, but worth for the special effects…$3

If you heart Restless:

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