War Dance

War Dance is a heart-rending, yet uplifting documentary that follows the lives of three children of war in northern Uganda, subjected to the types of horrors most people only read about.  Caught between the Ugandan government and the rebel force, the Lord’s Resistance Army, this is a very human look into how they have tried to move on with the lives in the midst of a war zone.  The school they attend, Patonga, unexpectedly wins the regional music competition, allowing for the children to compete in Kampala at the nation-wide tournament.  It has all the ingredients of a great film; incredible adorable and lovable children who are so courageous and strong despite their terrible experiences, a passion for something that transcends all else, in this case dance, and a competition that will have the audience on anxiously hoping for a win; but in a real documentary, not a piece of made up fiction.

I don’t think anything in the story will surprise you, after all, we have heard of child warriors in other movies, heard generally about the civil wars and injustices in Africa, but this movie does a very good job at portraying specific children who you can already tell have certain special gifts or talents who will be leaders in their community, who spur you to want to do something about it but also leave you feeling hopeful for their future.  It will invigorate you, excite you, and ultimately inspire you.  I highly recommend this movie…$11

If you heart War Dance:

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