Another Earth

Another Earth. A brilliant concept for a movie.  A sci-fi masked in real-life drama.  It is writer/director Mike Cahill’s first full-length non-documentary feature – and it felt like it.  The preview reveals too much, but essentially the film is about a young woman and middle aged man whose lives have been devastated by death.  Overlaying this drama is first contact with Earth 2, a visible replica of Earth, where a parallel universe exists.  This sci fi concept hangs in the background.  It’s not the main focus, but it lurks in the sky as a constant reminder.  Another Earth has wonderful ideas, some which are beautifully executed, others which looked like it was someone’s first stab behind the camera.

What I mean is, the music was oftentimes intrusive, trying too hard to evoke a particular feeling.  There were a few too many close-ups of tears or displays of self-conscious art.  Sometimes, I could feel the people acting, a sure mood-killer.  There was very little dialogue throughout the movie.  It’s fitting, because the two main characters are so emotionally crippled they can no longer communicate with people.  I can easily be bored by slow-moving stories, but the lack of dialogue didn’t slow down the story for me.

Boy, did Brit Marling (as Rhoda) deliver an impressive performance.  I like the way she looks and talks.  I hope to see more of her.  As for William Mapother (as John Burroughs), I’d say I’ve seen enough, thank you.  If you find yourself watching it, and you’re not impressed, you should at least stay for the ending.

This movie isn’t for everybody.  It was for me, though… $7

If you heart Another Earth:

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5 Responses to Another Earth

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Most science fiction is “a sci-fi masked in real-life drama”…. Sci-fi almost always has a “human” element. hehe — considering the theme of Another Earth, have you seen Lars von Trier’s new Melancholia? It also has to do with an approaching planet and “real-life drama”…. interesting as well. Nice review.

  2. fatkidslist says:

    I’m definitely looking out for Melancholia, but I don’t think it comes out until November ( Thanks for looking 🙂

  3. Joachim Boaz says:

    Oh, I saw it at a film festival in France 🙂 I didn’t know that the release date in the US was substantially different than the European releases.

  4. fatkidslist says:

    Ohh! How did you like it? The trailer is pretty incredible, but I’m not sure what to expect.

  5. Joachim Boaz says:

    Ehh, well, Lars von Trier is so heavy handed — I would have preferred a more minimal approach. I’ll have to watch it again when it comes out in DVD or is shown on the big screen in the US come to a real verdict… It’s definitely worth watching.

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