Mary and Max

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I knew in the opening lines that this movie was for me: “Mary Dinkle’s eyes were the color of muddy puddles, her birthmark, the color of poo.”

How come I’ve never heard of this movie?  Mary and Max, written and directed by Adam Elliot (Harvey Krumpet), is a humorous, dark film about the friendship of a lonely Australian girl and a middle-aged New Yorker.  The voice cast includes Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, and Barry Humphries.  Mary and Max forge a friendship despite the complete and thorough alienation that the world has forced upon them.  Don’t be fooled by the claymation, the story will take some bitter downturns.  It will go there.  But there is plenty of room for laughter.  And I did.  Outloud.  I also cried, at least once.  Maybe three times.

As I sat through, enraptured by the poignant story emerging, I thought – why the hell didn’t this movie get more attention?  Then I remembered that American hearts only have room for shit that smells like roses.  It’s got the quirky, oddball feel of Amelie combined with the cringe-filled pity of Muriel’s Wedding.  Mind you, this is all on top of wonderfully crafted claymation. Add a soundtrack full o’ heart, you got a stew goin’.

I would like for you to see this movie.  Here are three things that I hope will help you watch:

1) The trailer.
2) It is streaming on Netflix.
3) If you won’t take my word, check out Rotten Tomatoes – 94%.

I have to dedicate my last lines to Philip Seymour Hoffman.  What a voice you have… $11

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  1. Mary Ingraham says:

    Where can I buy this DVD?

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