Martin Scorsese’s Hugo

Part Un: Leg

The most controversial and provocative character in Hugo is Inspector Gustav’s leg.  Villains often are marked by a physical deformity – a disfiguring scar or handicap.  Here, Inspector Gustav (Sasha Baron Cohen) is marked by a disability, Leg, giving him an over-the-top limp with markedly loud squeaks.  Leg is not only a mark of evil, its complex character runs through a number of phases.  Slap stick humor is one of them.  Tsk tsk for teaching kids to laugh at Leg, that’s cheap. Then, Leg moves into phase pity.  Look at that poor gimp, half of a man, he is.  Leg is equivalent to a large vagina doused in perfume and wearing pumps.  Inspector Gustav is emasculated to the point of obscurity, the poor chump can’t even talk to the plain flower lady (Emily Mortimer).  As Leg’s final phase, it is transformed into a source of goodness.  Through Leg, Inspector finds the strength of compassion.  Finally, Leg is reborn as a functional limb and Inspector Gustav emerges as a fully whole man.  Happy ending (at the expense of Leg).

Part Deux: Hugo

There are too many bits and pieces I was unhappy with, it’d be too tedious of a list.  So I’ll stick with just one.  I’m willing to give up a lot of standards when I walk into a children’s movie, but above all, I expect an imaginative and entertaining story.  Instead, Hugo has lots of mystery around characters that are weak, bland, and boring.  Makes it difficult for me to get involved in their secret histories if I just don’t care.

The only redeeming quality about this movie is the celebration of early film makers.  I didn’t know anything about Georges Méliès, but watching his footage and other old footage was pretty tight.

Overall, complete lack of charm.

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