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From the Kang Jye Gyu, the director of Tae Guk Gi, comes another movie about war but also about friendship.

My way I watched at theater was sad. It was opening Korean movie. There were two protagonists in the movie, one protagonist’s name was Jun-shik who was Korean . And, the other was Tatsuo who was Japanese. First, the story began to face adversarial relationship between Korea and Japan. This story was about poor Korea that was powerless country such as it was not like country; therefore, Japan reigned over Koreans and Korea. Second, the protagonists treated adversarial each other because of their countries. I liked both main characters but they fought each other, or they were in competition continuously. Third, they were forced to go to many kinds of wars which were in China, The Soviet Union and Germany. As a result, the protagonists couldn’t go back to their countries, and they couldn’t meet their families. Finally, many major characters died in the war. In summary, in the beginning of the story two characters competed in run. Jun-shik was Korean representative of the runner, and Tatsuo was Japanese representative of the runner; moreover, Korea was under Japanese colonial rule at the time. And the story continued a many kinds of their wars. Anyway the story was heartbreaking.

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