Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Putting an exclamation mark inside the title of a movie may seem a bit presumptuous, like, oh! this movie is so good! we have an exclamation mark! Nothwithstanding, this movie deserves that exclamation mark.  What a heartwarming, uplifting movie about never letting go of one’s dreams.

This documentary/rockumentary revolves around the lives of two 50+ year old rockers, who were semi-huge back in the 80s and never gave up, a great movie to watch if you’re down and out.  There is a movie every so often that leaves you inspired.  This is such a movie.  The producers did a great job of getting famous rock artists, slash from gnr, lars ulrich from metallica, scott from anthrax to talk about how anvil was a huge influence on their music and legitmatize their right to fame.

Mr. Anvil squared, I want to meet you and invite you to my dinner table.   Will you come?  I’d like to sit and be inspired by you because you just seem like really good, goofy, nice guys.  I’ll cook good food I promise!

Even if you weren’t a fan of metal back in the day, I  still recommend this to anyone who has had a dream and wished they had the guts to follow it until the end…$9

If you heart Anvil! The Story of Anvil:

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