The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

gives a whole new meaning to the word bad-ass. This movie is a long movie, two and a half hours, and at midnight, that seems even longer. This movie drew me in and then drew me in some more, when I was debating on dozing off, a well-told, scripted, and acted tale of a mysterious disappearance, forty years in the past, involving sketchy family members and nazis! in sweden.

Now, Evelyn Salt, you could learn a thing or two from the girl with a dragon tattoo. Now that is some serious ass-kicking, even without any martial arts or special CIA training. Apparently you just need a photographic memory, a lethal sense of righteousness and a penchant for destruction (also some practice with hefty golf clubs could be handy). Noomi Rapace did a superb job as Lisbeth, the girl with the dragon tattoo, and she is another person I would gladly invite to my dinner table. I think she would be an absolutely fascinating dinner guest.

Though the acting and general script was engaging and believable, the divergent and seemingly incongruent storylines did have me confused and thinking a bit “WTF is going on here…is this story going somewhere?!”  during the first part of the movie. Then at the end, it seemed to drag on for about 30 minutes longer than it had to. But altogether, a thoroughly enjoyable movie, filled with a subtle sense of suspense and intrigue that seems to be missing from a lot of current Hollywood movies….$6

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