Christopher Guest’s For Your Consideration

After finding out that Christopher Guest had a new film out with the same cast as he always does (how the hell did I miss that he had a movie out after A Mighty Wind?!) I hurriedly moved it up to 1st in my queue in Netflix.  Another movie with Catherine O’Hara and John Krasinski?  What joy! What bliss! I love them both.  I did a little research before because I thought it was weird this movie had been released in 2006 and I had never heard of it.  hm. 10M dollar budget?  hm. only 6M in box office world wide. not a good sign.

And found out afterwards I should have followed my gut instinct that there was something a little off about this film.  This movie falls far short of expectations.  Granted I have high expectations because Christopher Guest is brilliant and hilarious, and his acting honestly was pretty great.  I can never figure out until I’ve been staring at him for like 10 minutes which guy is Christopher Guest, he changes so dramatically from film to film.  But the rest of the plot was long and boring, with the key characters not as exaggerated or developed as in his other films.  I mean, waiting for guffman, I loved all the characters, their weird quirks…these same actors in this movie I just thought were kind of annoying and disappointing.  In the end, though there were a couple of funny parts to it (I mean, you still can’t erase the fact that you do have Jane Lynch, Eugene Levy and Rick Gervais in the film) my brother and I both agreed this was not really worth money to see it in the movie theater or at home, it’s just kind of a long, boring, seemingly endless waste of time…$1

If you heart For Your Consideration:

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