Waiting for “Superman”

Just go and see this goddamn movie, aight?  Right now.

This documentary, about the broken (but fixable) education system in America, had a perfect mix of all the right shit: adorable little kids, sensational speakers, educational substance, a strategy for change, and… tears – lots of from.  Uncontrollable – but that’s just me because education reform is close to my heart.  There were moments where I wanted to avert my eyes because I wanted the tears to stop and watching those beautiful little faces were making me cry more.  But the personal stories of each family weren’t the only heartbreaking pieces of the film, just learning more about the state of the American education system was enough make me sob.

It’s not like we haven’t heard this before, but listening to it again evokes a sense of urgency and importance.  Especially when you hear it from the mouth of Geoffrey Canada.  He really must’ve been an amazing teacher because he makes me want to just drop everything and follow his lead because I know he’ll take me to a world of moral fortitude and goodness.  This film has the incredible ability to show you the lives of five children – a peek into their neighborhood, families, and schools – and feel really connected to them, and then turn around a say – you think this is bad?  There are millions more out there.  And it’s so true… $11

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