The Secret in Their Eyes

Damn you’re good.

It’s a true feat anytime someone can embed a legitimate love story within a thriller. When was the last time you saw one of those? I suppose we also had The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this year. But that love story took a backseat to the grotesque, sexual violence (not that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wasn’t great – it was!). The Secret in Their Eyes has my kind of love story – full of sadness and longing and self-hatred. Anguish is suggested rather than discussed. And your lead actors were so attractive I was willing to go with you about anywhere you wanted to go.

Extra pats on back to Juan Campanella (Director) and Felix Monti (Cinematographer) for being virtuosos at the moving camera. The most elegant storytelling of the season and the best hybrid genre piece I’ve watched this year . . . $11

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