The King’s Speech

Colin Firth…oh you have aged, but I still wouldn’t kick you outta bed. Even with that stammer and grim stare, you’re awfully adorable. So I have been cramming in some oscar nominated films I haven’t gotten around to yet, and the king’s speech has been on my list, since it’s a frontwinner to win the oscar’s. Oscar-worthy? Probably. Was it better than the Social Network? Possibly.

The story about King George the VI’s speech impediment was one I had never heard of before, and the film made it quite clear how incredible awkward and uncomfortable it was to listen to the former King of England. Good points to the film: great acting by Colin Firth, historical story I was not familiar with, likability of characters. Not so good points: story kind of dragged a bit, not the best roles for Helena Bonham Carter or Geoffrey Rush, and well, it was about a bunch of old dead white folks. Like there haven’t been about a million and one movies written about old dead white folks. There seemed to be definitely chemistry between the main characters, you could believe that they genuinely liked each other. Not terribly ground-breaking or innovative, there were some interesting camera shots that I think haven’t been tried in these types of traditional Victorian-esque films, but not a bad film all around. I think I just would have liked it better if it didn’t remind me so much of Howard’s End or Remains of the Day or any other dozen movies out there of old English people.

That said, it was enjoyable, one of the better movies I’ve seen in the last year for sure….$9

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