Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Nah dis shit was sore a boring ya’ll. Furst thang this Shy Ledouche character needz to learn how to act fo true. Cuz he’s around some serious cats man. Frank Langella of Frost/Nixon, Josh Brolin of Milk. These guys are fucking for real bomb-ass actors an fo true making Shy Ledouche look like he can’t act fo shiznits (shit peanuts). Frank, when you jumped in front that subway train I shed a little tear for you playa. Nigga was just trying a keep hiz dick hard in this cruel and fucked-up world. I could relate cuz this one time I got fired from my job at Soup Plantation for wearing a fishnet T-shirt. And leaving in anger I dippt my ballz in the raspberry vinaigrette and got hella heat rash son. So actually I hurt my own self worse of all.

Carey Mulligan you not that fine, sorta just a pushover in this one. But in general you a bomb lady. Education, that was tha shit. So keep yo chin up girl! Michael McDougle Goddamn you old as a muthafucka. Everytime I seen you I thought you wuz dead. I be all like, “Whose that white-haired dude? Michael McDougle?! From Coma?! Goddamn I thought he wuz dead.” It’s cool geriatric citizens can still get jobs tho as I support that otherwise you’d prolly just be in some wheelchair, staring at da wallz.

So basically diz movie is about Jews. Josh Brolin is fucking bawler yo. Doing some shady-ass shit starting rumors about Frank (Nixon). So then he all jumps into train, like kersplat fool!! And then LeDouche be all crying like, “I loved you Frank like my father, why’d he have to go squish hisself? I’m gunna get a revenge on you dawg on my muthafuckin motorbike!!”

And then McDougle just got out from da pen and he be all complainin, “No one ever visited me while I was getting my ass taken fools! Now I’m so old and just a lowly author.” And then LeDouche goes to McDougle and be like, “Help me fuck up that nigga Jonah Hex and I’ll help you rip off your daughter for like 100 million dollaz ya’ll.” And I was yelling like, “LeDouche you fucking puto!” And oh yeah old-ass Charlie Sheen was in this too like about 30 seconds. The best part bout it being it only lasted I think about 20 seconds. Goddamn that old piece of shit makes my skin crawlz. Like why are you so fucking tan? Men aren’t sposed to be orange.

Big upz to Josh Brolin, big dawg! You tha man. Oliver Stone tho, I don’t know what da hail you wuz thinking about that ending. That shit was weaksauce. In conclusion this movie was about Green energy and bailouts and Jews having loads of money witch is a racist portrayal of Jews since we know they care about lotz a other things beside making money, such as beanies and some sort a Gefilte fish.

Nah dis shit sore a boring ya’ll . . . $4

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