A Guide to Our Rating System

So there may be a bit of confusion over how we rate the movies.   How do we figure out what is worth 6 bucks versus 8 bucks?  Well, me and my compadres here at fatkidslist put together the Comprehensive Essential and Ultimate Guide to the way we rate things on our blog, so hopefully that will help to clear up any confusion.  As a note, some of the previous blogs will be updated to reflect this, and the blogs in the future should follow this general format in terms of ratings.

0 bucks  – total waste of my time I wish I could get my two hrs back. Absolutely nothing redeeming about the movie, hate the actors, char dev, etc

1-2 bucks – I’d wait the 4-6 months for it to come out on Redbox and look for it there but not actively look for it anywhere else cuz its not worth it.  If its not there, no big loss.  I don’t want to ever watch this movie again.

3-4 bucks  – I’d consider renting it from somewhere like Blockbuster that should have it three months after theatrical release, but don’t really want to own it or watch it in the theaters, but if it’s out, no big loss

5-7 bucks – wouldn’t want to pay the money to watch it in the theaters exactly but if there was a good matinee showing, I might watch it/ I like it enough to guarantee being able to watch it by downloading it on itunes, in case its out at blockbuster or there arent any rental stores around

8-9 bucks – I do really like this film, but can’t say I’d pay full price for it, but would jump on the chance for some sort of discountoff of a theatrical ticket, but would definitely prefer to watch it before its out on dvd/digital format for rental/purchase.  I would recommend this movie to my friends.

10-12 bucks – I’d pay a full priced theatrical ticket for this movie.  I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

13-15 bucks – not only would I pay a full priced theatrical ticket for this movie but I would likely go more than once and/or encourage all my friends to watch this movie immediately.  I don’t mind paying a little extra to support this movie.

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